Renew Your RoofWhat is ROOF CLEANING?

—Roof Cleaning is the process of removing moss, and algae (further known as Gloecapsa Magma) from roof shingles by means of a soft washing method. According to Tom Bollnow of the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association (ARMA), “The algae is mostly an aesthetic nuisance, although with time, the moisture retained in the algae can prematurely age the shingles.” The algae buildup causes your roof to appear darker and leave many streaks. Not only does this take away from the aesthetics of your home, but with the presence of soot, Algae, and other buildup, this can cause UV absorption to almost rise significantly increasing the amount of energy needed to cool your home! Let us help you save money every month, by RENEWING the overall appearance of your roof!

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—Whether you’re looking to sell your home, improve your homes curb appeal or simply lengthen the life of your roof, RENEW YOUR ROOF can help! Did you know insurance agencies are cracking down on dirty roofs and even going as far as canceling policies? Don’t let yourself be a victim to this! Call us today to RENEW YOUR ROOF!!

…………and remember, why replace when you can RENEW!!!!

** RENEW YOUR ROOF uses the ONLY method that is recommended by your shingle manufacturer.**

Prices start as LOW as $550!!

***Do keep in mind that every home is different***

Pricing will be determined by age of the roof, size of the home, roof’s pitch, and dirtiness of the shingles.

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